Include .cgi extension inside wrapper?

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Include .cgi extension inside wrapper?

Postby deny » 2006-03-31 03:39 am

As first i tried with wrapper.html but it does not works.
Then i try with renaming wrapper.html to wrapper.shtml and when i go direct to directory /skins/classic/wrapper.shtml then it is file correct included but when i go to the index.php and when you think that it will works right now fine file is not included :?
Any idea how to include it.I tried with

<!--#include virtual="../../../cgi-bin/visitorsonline.cgi" -->

that works direct url but not when i start index.php.


Command above for some strange reason does not works (wonder because it works if you access directly wrapper.shtml)
but simple {include ""}
works very well. :D
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