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Banner Error

PostPosted: 2006-04-16 04:13 pm
by Methyus
Hello All,
I recently installed Aardvark v5.0.2 on one of my websites and for some reason every time I try to create an account for one of my websites I always get the following error message and my banner won't display:

You forgot to:
Enter a valid banner. Leave it blank if you don't have one. It must be smaller than 468x60.

Please go back and fix those errors."

I know for a fact that the url path to my banner is correct and that the banner's size is 468x60. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


PostPosted: 2006-04-16 05:00 pm
by Jeremy
the size-checking feature is not supported on all servers. you can disable it in the settings page of the admin.

PostPosted: 2006-04-16 05:04 pm
by Methyus
Thanks Jeremy! Yeah, I found another post about it. Thanks again though! Any future plans on making it so that feature will work on all servers?

- Aedryan

PostPosted: 2006-04-16 05:53 pm
by Jeremy
it would be nice to make it work on all servers, but i'm not sure that there is a good way to do it.