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PostPosted: 2006-06-14 06:51 pm
by opaz
Hi there :D

I have got 1 Ardvark Topsite with around 500 members running since 1 year.
Ive got 9 toplists from a competitor running currently.

The one big issue which keeps me off from doing further Aardvark installations is that I can not do MySQL Database backups from inside the toplist admin area.
Driving nearly a dozen of toplists this would be a great feature for Ardvark.

Will there be a backup option some time in the future ? If "yes" Im on further Aardvark installations as soon its there :-)

I entered the registration code 4 times correctly with firefox.
I always got the message that the code was typed wrong.
With IE it worked directly.

This is a problem I had with my running Aardvark Topsite. People complained that they entered correct code but they got the answer it was typed wrong.
I know its also a problem if you leave the "Code enter" sheet a few minutes open...then the code is pointed out also wrong ( I switched the code check off - Otherwise I would have never got the topsite running ).

Hoping for feedback,
Aarvark is a good toplist !


PostPosted: 2006-06-14 07:43 pm
by Jeremy
version 5.1.0 should improve the handling of word verification.

are those 9 lists on the same server? do you back them up all at once or one at a time?

i've never added backup to the admin because i feel that backup would be better accomplished at another level. why have separate backup procedures for your forum, cms, topsites, and whatever else you use? just backup the whole database at once.

of course, that's only my opinion, so feel free to argue with me if you think i'm wrong :)

PostPosted: 2006-06-15 05:52 am
by opaz
Hey :-)

The 9 toplists are on seperate servers and host providers in different cities - For better results in search engines ( not been hosted at the same location or even share servers ).
This works fine and bosted my traffic. The topsites are running good and because of the different locations they are totally handled independently by search engines.

Usually I log in to every topsite and click "backup" and click something like "do it" and save the backup locally on my pc.

Its really easy and the reimporting works fine too ( the reimport I have to do myself with myphpadmin but since I only do it wenn I create a new toplist or if a running toplist would get corrupted its OK that this is not possible in the toplist itself ).

Once you get used to the backup function itself in the toplist you would never like to miss it.
Its a great helper, it saves me a lot of time and I can go to sleep and now ive got always up-to-date backups of my running topsites.

>>> Yes, I understand your argumentation for backing up other stuff running on the same server.
This is a good argument too.

This does not affect me because I am the guy installing dozen(s) of toplists on stand-alone-servers
all across the country.
So if you see a toplist as high pro. standalone product then a backup function is a must-have

Thanks very much for the reply :roll:

PostPosted: 2006-06-15 12:41 pm
by Jeremy
i will probably put a backup feature in 5.2.0 then. in the meantime, you can backup in phpmyadmin or using external backup software:

Excellent !

PostPosted: 2006-06-15 12:59 pm
by opaz
Greeaaaaat ! As soon its in I will put up another Aarvark Topsite.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D