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Main Page not showing up

Postby quinn » 2005-07-20 09:22 am

okay, i just registered an itopsites and i was having a bit of trouble. When I go to my itopsites the sites that joined don't show up.

how do i show like th top 20 sites on the "main page"? nothing shows up unless i click the "unique hits in" GO! thingy. Is there like an option to show the top whatever on the main page or something? if so, how does it work? can someone help me out here?

here's my link to my itopsites

There's only 1 site that's joined, but how do i show that site when ppl click the URL i entered above?

thhanx, quinn
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Postby Jeremy » 2005-07-20 10:43 am

the main page is cached hourly, so things won't show up right away. just select a different ranking method and it will show up there though, as only the main page is cached.
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