Topsites button not showing and 0 members!

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Topsites button not showing and 0 members!

Postby pokezam » 2006-08-19 02:21 pm

A couple days ago all the members (I had 5) dissapeared from my topsites list.

Also instead of displaying my topsites button on member sites, it shows the text name of my topsites. Please help me! I want all of my members back!
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Postby Jeremy » 2006-08-19 02:47 pm

we had some data loss around that time. i'm not sure why, and it's the first time something like that has happened. i restored the latest backup, but some members were lost. you'll have to register again.
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Postby pokezam » 2006-08-27 06:57 am

First of all, that is Bull$hit that is the first time! I have talked to your members and they say member loss is a regular thing with your $hit site. Second of all, your backup is fu(king bull$hit because it has 0 members and nobody wants to register again so you basically killed my topsites. Thanks a lot for the worst free service on the web! I will never use you guys again and I'll be sure to tell nobody to use you either because you are like a pig in $hit because all you're in it is for the Google Adsense money. Well I can get a group of my friends to click your Adsense 1 million times and you'll get kicked out, so how do you like that? B!tch!
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Postby pokezam » 2006-08-27 06:58 am

If you ban me from the forums I will get my friends to get you kicked out of Google Adsense, so please send me some sort of financial compensation or all heck is going to break loss for you.
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Postby Koby » 2006-08-27 04:55 pm

LOL.. Pokezam you are an idiot.

Jeremy does it best, and it is truly the first time that has ever happened. If you have a problem with it, then I'm sorry but there is nothing that can be done. Oh and go ahead and continue acting like a 2 year old if you want. Try to get him kicked off adsense. Because you wont be able to. =P You'd be helping him if you got it clicked alot. Ignorant fool...

Jeremy isn't going to pay you cash just because you used his free hosting and lost 5 members. Inwhich could easily rejoin if needed.

If you have a problem with such things, you should go out, get a job, and get your own hosting. So when you get dataloss you can blame no one but your ignorant self.

Jeremy is a great coder, and has made the best free topsite list available. His topsite list is even better then any paid topsite script, and best of all its free. So don't you dare come talking trash about him.
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Postby haohui » 2006-12-29 07:52 pm

You said it Koby good for you, you make him feel bad :D :D and pokezam swearing is bad :!: :!: :!:
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