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the future

Postby Jeremy » 2007-01-04 11:55 pm

i really do apologize for the downtime that has occurred recently. i would suggest that itopsites members attempt to use aardvark topsites php on their own servers. it has a lot more features and no ads. and itopsites may not be around in the future, due to growing server costs and a DOS attack.

to further clarify...

the server cannot handle the load that is currently being generated by itopsites. itopsites hardly makes any money as it is, so i cannot justify buying another server to put it on. i may end up simply discontinuing the service. i don't like abandoning all of the users, but i really do not have the time and money to keep everything running. my host says the server is under a sever DOS attack and they have not been able to stabilize the service, and it is bringing down some other sites i have on the server as well, which costs me even more money.

maybe free topsites hosting is just not economically feasable, especially counting pageviews and delivering dynamic buttons.
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Postby OS-Mark » 2007-01-09 02:09 am

itopsites has been moved to a new server and will be back in action as soon as the DNS propagates. All existing topsites and data will remain active.

The new support forum for iTopsites can be found at ... .php?f=117

Feebdack, comments, suggestions are welcome.
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