Aardvark topsites as a Module to Drupal?

Discission about the future of Aardvark Topsites PHP.

Aardvark topsites as a Module to Drupal?

Postby kc8ual » 2008-01-02 11:07 pm

Ok, so here we are, I have been using Aardvark silently for a while now, but every time I look at my site, I just cannot help but notice that things are missing.

So I began to look into Drupal cause they are one of the most powerful CMS programs out there, and like Aardvark they are free. But no matter how hard I search for it, I cannot find it...

A way to port Aardvark into Drupal.

Many people here have asked for Aardvark to be able to be integrated into CMS software, and from what I've found, there are a lot of people that would like to see specifically Aardvark, ported to Drupal. I personally do not know enough about PHP, but I am sure if I sit down and spend the next 6 months studying, I can come up with an Aardvark Module for Drupal that has so many bugs that I will have to remove it, but I would like to see if there is anyone here who has anything that may be close to work with Drupal.
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Re: Aardvark topsites as a Module to Drupal?

Postby trik.com » 2008-01-24 01:11 am

I second that
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Re: Aardvark topsites as a Module to Drupal?

Postby Jeremy » 2008-01-26 12:23 pm

i did it for joomla a while ago, so it is definitely possible to do with drupal or any cms. that being said, i don't think anyone has actually done it.
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