4.2.1 Coming Soon

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4.2.1 Coming Soon

Postby Jeremy » 2004-07-23 05:24 pm

Aardvark Topsites PHP 4.2.1 should be done in about a week. It is mainly a bug fix release. Here are the planned bug fixes:

- If you set "Delete inactive members after this many days" to 0 it deactivates the feature
- The review time is now accurate if you have specified a time offset
- Featured Member now works correctly on all pages
- Featured Member works with no members
- Simplified parse_form() in functions.php
- Remove affiliate search
- Fixed bug in ad break placement
- Auto-changing ranking method in config_buttons.php
- Inactive days set to 0 when a site is active for a day
- Inactive sites do not affect the rank displayed on buttons
- Fixed typo in manual - <#oldrank> should have been <#old_rank>
- Minor changes to the Default skin's wrapper.html, default.css, and table_top.html

Most of the changes have already been completed, they are just being thoroughly tested.

I am also planning on including two third-party skins: Boxey and Buggyglobal 4. In my opinion, those are the two best skins people have made and I don't want to go overboard by including a ton of skins. The Default skin will have a couple minor cosmetic changes too.
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