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Postby Jeremy » 2003-08-17 05:26 pm

The Norwegian language file has been updated by <a href='http://www.dykkesiden.com/' target='_blank'>Thomas Torjusen</a>, making Norwegian the first language besides English with a full translation. You can get it at the <a href='http://www.aardvarkind.com/index.php?page=downloads' target='_blank'>downloads page</a>.

A small bug was also fixed. It was a regression in version 4.1.0. If a member signed up and then hit the refresh button at the confirmation page, another record would be added. To fix this bug, either download the zip again and upload the new join.php or change line 57 of join.php to this:
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    list($jointime) = $db->FetchArray($result);
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