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Postby Pastor Rick » 2003-10-09 02:08 pm

How About:

Netster Top Sites
Nets Best Sites
Webs Best Sites
Net Sites
Best of the Net
Simply Tops
Utopia Top Sites
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Pastor Rick
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Postby Matt » 2003-11-18 01:25 pm

I would say Chaos Topsites but Im making mine and calling it that lol

So here is a list of other names that I kinda like:
Hybrid Topsites
ATopsite (as in Aardvark)
Apocaliptic Topsites
TSU or Topsites Unleashed
Creative Topsites

But really there is only one thing it can be called and that is 1337

Edit: ACT or ACTS (Aardvark Created Topsites)
Topsite Master
Easy Topsites
Cool Topsites
Topsites Arena
Dark Topsites
Light Topsites
Topsites Online
Total Topsites
Totally Topsites
Xirtam Topsites (Xirtam is Matrix backwards)
Xirtamina Topsites (Xirtamamina is Animatrix backwards)
Perfect Topsites
Kewl Topsites
Trillian Topsites
WWW Topsites
Crazy Topsites
Ragnarok's Favorit Topsite
Favorit Topsite
Forward Topsites
Crewl Topsites
Carismatic Topsites
Touch Topsites
Topsites Tool
Extreme Topsites
Sound Topsites
My Tipsites
Bold Topsites
Web Topsites
Topsites Web
Added Topsites
Topsites Player
Start Topsites
Smart Topsites
Topsites Maker
Hot Key Topsites
Circle Topsites
Reved Topsites
Topsite Wars
Star Topsites
Ultima Topsites
Hell Topsites
Heaven Topsites
The Topsites
Topsites Look
All Topsites
Topsite Industry
Fantasy Topsites
Topsite Tactics
Media Topsites
Network Topsites
Eternal Topsites
Legion Topsites
Digital Topsites
Fate Topsites
Legacy Topsites
Summit Tipsites
Fast Topsites
Hot Topsites
Tag Topsites
X-Topsites (XD)
:blink: Topsites

anyone as bored as reading the 70 odd names as I am writting them.
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Postby Matt » 2003-12-30 07:15 pm

lets see you come up with better than
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