How Aardvark works?

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How Aardvark works?

Postby blur » 2007-06-20 01:31 am

I searched and searched and didn't find anything about how Aardvark counts page views.

I believe...
You must actually click the link at the topsite php script to the site of interest for it to actually count it as a page view or click the image placed on the site of interest which sends you to the topsite php script.

If this is true how does this actually really quantify the top site? I would think the site with the most unique visitors would be the actual top site and not the site that redirects the most people to the topsite php script.

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Postby Jeremy » 2007-06-20 09:20 am

pageview = button load
hit in = button click
hit out = click from topsites

all of these stats are recorded as unique and total.

unique = once per ip per day
total = total :)
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