Stats and URL to promote

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Stats and URL to promote

Postby who67 » 2006-02-08 12:23 pm

I just recently set up my topsite at the following location. So far all the sites in the topsite are my own. My problome is that the stats do not seem to change at all. I use free traffic exchanges to boost rankings but what is the correct URL to use. in admin they say to use the following code.

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Work From Home Internet Business Topsites" border="0" />

But the username is in the image. Is this correct? can I use another URL without the img to boost my rankings such as
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Postby Jeremy » 2006-02-08 12:38 pm

hits in are based on referral urls. if signs up, and puts the button on, hits in will not be counted.
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Postby lukepev » 2006-03-08 08:37 pm

i think he means he needs the url for linking,
without using the button linking code

i wanted this myself, i thought that by removing button.php from the link code would work

but iv asked freinds to click a url without button.php in it and it doesn't register hits

heres the url i used

instead of ... ?u=lukepev

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Postby marius26 » 2006-06-25 04:50 pm

if you want to use that short url you will need to use .htaccess rewrite rule.
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