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Postby garymgordon » 2004-01-22 12:47 am


Thanks for the previous help with the email links. :-)

I have another question. Is there any way .. with your Click Manager (which I love) .. to keep stats .. on a MONTHLY basis .. for all links being tracked?

Meaning .. aside from what you have now .. what would be great would be if when February 1st came around .. all the stats generated in the month of January .. would be accessible by clicking on a link for THE PREVIOUS MONTH. And there .. you'd see the same type of list .. as your regular list of links and their total stats .. but the total number of clicks displayed would reflect only those that were made during the month of January. Then, if we went back to the main page .. the number of clicks (during the current month) would be displayed .. along with the TOTAL (of all months combined).

Then, when March 1st came around .. you could again click on THE PREVIOUS MONTH to view February stats, and the click on THE PREVIOUS MONTH again to get back to January's stats. (Or something like that.)

Is anything like this possible.

I would somehow .. like to group the clicks .. by month .. in addition to displaying a TOTAL number.

Then .. also someway .. by clicking a button .. to maybe RESET the counter for individual links or ... maybe even the entire list of links being tracked.

Any thoughts? Or am I a "crazy" guy for even suggesting such things. LOL

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Postby Jeremy » 2004-01-22 09:53 pm

it's possible, but you'd have to modify the script some. you couldn't do it unless you know perl. i actually made a mod for the script to do that, but i don't have it anymore, unfortunately. i don't have the time to make one again at the moment.
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Postby garymgordon » 2004-01-22 11:45 pm

Well ... since I don't know enough about Perl to do it myself .. I would kind of need your help in this.

So, if and when you can either find the mod you did previously .. or when you can find the time to add this modification again .. I WOULD SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT. :-)


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