What to bo by Domain Change?

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What to bo by Domain Change?

Postby bossy » 2011-11-19 05:36 pm


I want to change the domain of my toplist,
but what will happen with the sites who has joinned already?

If the domain changes, the voting code doesnt work anymore...
then they all have to delete the voting code and take the new one...

Is there a possibility how to do that the "old" code would continuing to work?
Perhaps with a redirecting or something.

Hope someone has a Idea

And sorry my bad language, i tried my best :)
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Re: What to bo by Domain Change?

Postby Basti » 2011-11-22 10:10 am

Will you keep your old domain and host? then you could redirect all requests to your new domain. Else i think all thats left is to mail your members to update button code
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