help needed with topsites

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help needed with topsites

Postby ghostsimon » 2012-06-17 03:01 pm

HI I’m running a games clan site for clan wars I don’t need a vote page or a stats page for them to view I only need them to upload there website How can I do this with your top sites.
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Re: help needed with topsites

Postby sextronnics » 2012-07-28 01:17 pm

I created the mafia wars toplist at, all functions are still available but I didn't use and update the site in the past 3 years, the standard script can do the trick, if you do not want stats pages you should delete the stats link from table_row.html and top_table_row.html and create a .htaccess file to 301 redirect all visitors of your stats pages to your home page or 404 redirect to your 404 not found page ;-)

Happy coding ;-)
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