wtf's up with the image?

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Postby zezi » 2003-09-19 06:52 pm

Allright, I've installed the shit, and everything is working fine EXCEPT for the visitors button's. When you take "Join" and want to enter your "button url" it won't do it. I'm writing the full url to the button, but it still says:


You forgot to:
Enter a valid banner. Leave it blank if you down have one. It must be smaller than 468x60.

Please go back and fix those errors."

and I can't figure out how to fix it. a few friends who also use it don't have these problems. (one of these guys also tried to install it from scratch on my server 20 minutes ago, but with the same error)

So.. any idea what this is about..?
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Postby Jeremy » 2003-09-19 09:51 pm

it's probably an incompatability with how your host has everything set up. some versions of php had issues with getting image sizes. if you go to the settings page of the admin and set both the max width and height to 0, then it will turn off the size checking feature.
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Postby zezi » 2003-09-20 05:34 am

yes it works now! THANKS! B)
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