Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Any other shit you want to talk about.

Postby Karen » 2007-10-06 03:49 am

Here's mine.

Its not live yet as I want it to tie in with another site of mine which is not quite finished.

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Postby FairLady » 2007-10-13 10:46 am

Here is mine. No mods added, nothing really fancy. I like to keep it simple. I do need to make some new rank buttons.

Brand New so there isn't many members yet.
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Postby Solucan Studios » 2007-10-20 07:15 am

The number one toplist site!
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THE Original Granddaddy topsite at ITopsites was NOT listed?

Postby Gamecock » 2007-10-20 08:23 am

I should correct this obvious oversight (on my part). :roll:


There... Now I feel much better! Hehe
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Postby facebooktopsites.com » 2007-10-30 01:31 am

Got a few just up and running, also if anyone wanna
link exchange with me feel free to send a mail to

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Postby srenda » 2007-12-22 08:23 am

Hello Guys.
Im new member here, been woking in my toplist, some weeks, made a new skin and just released it today.

If you wanna take a look or even join it, the url is:


If you have some sugestion for me also, of how to improve the site, just PM me : )

peace ;)
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Rofl hey thats MY site hehe

Postby grishnak » 2007-12-22 02:46 pm

Looks like you me and many other people all got the same idea. I know what site inspired/ irked me enough to start my own and judging by what you have I would say it was the same site here. bad site and not associated with aardvark so I shall leave them nameless.

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my new site games.topnet100.com

Postby grishnak » 2007-12-22 02:49 pm

I put this in the wrong spot initially...sorry bout that.

Greetings everyone!

I am announcing the launch of my site here. It still needs a few things like more categories but I believe it is all functioning the way I intended. I am not announcing/promoting it web wide just yet as I want to add those categories I just wanted to let the community here get first glance so they can feedback, debug, and comment.

The site runs off a highly modified version of 5.2. The skin is the fusion skin modded slightly. There is a good bit of functionality change that I have not fully documented nor built in a particularly mod friendly way so I am not releasing the code at this point until I get it cleaned up. My focus was getting the site up and running rather than getting my head fully wrapped around the aardvark code and as such I made a number of additions to the site that really break the excellent design of the ATSPHP code and, now that I understand fully how the code works, I intend to go back and integrate what I wrote to the main code to make it a proper merge of the 2 codes. The advertising.php and new_out.php files in particular need to be reworked into the class framework Jeremy set up.

Here is a brief run down of what My site does different from the base 5.2 ver.

First, I changed how site banners are added and handled. Banner urls can only be set by the admin. This is to enable a “premium” member level so that only members who have paid a fee can display a banner in their listing. To do so they must login and go to their cp where there is now a new link called “add a banner”. This leads to a page called advertising.php, which lists out all the banner options and includes a text field where the member enters the url of their banner, basically the same functionality as before except it is now only available from this page not the join or edit form. When the member submits the banner for approval nothing changes on the site only an email is sent to the admin with the info from the form. If the banner is ok the admin turns on the banner by entering the url on the manage members link of the admin cp and changing the value of the banner_paid column in the _sites table for this site (this is a new column added see below.) to 1 ( it is a boolvar defaulted to 0 ). At the present time I have not written all the code to do this from the admin panel so I have to change the value in the db manually but as I said wanted to get up and running first, polish later.

Members can also sponsor lists by paying a fee. By sponsoring a list, that site will have its banner displayed at the very top of the category before any other banners. Members can sponsor more than one category. Advertisers who are looking to sponsor a list but do not ( or can not because their site isn’t relevant to the category i.e. McDonalds would not be appropriate for my games toplist but if they want to sponsor my list they would be very welcome J .) want to join a category listing can do so. I set up a category called sponsor and this is for those sites that are only sponsors. These sites will not appear in the default rankings nor will the category appear on any of the drop down lists except on the join page and on the admin manage site page. This was a way to create an advertiser profile within the existing system without having to make large changes to the database.

When a ranking displays, there is a banner displayed at the top of the ranking and what it shows depends on the ranking category or if all is chosen ( the default).

If all is chosen, the banner will display a randomly chosen sponsor banner from among all those categories that have sponsors. Currently, as I have just launched the site, there are no sponsors and so a banner is displayed announcing that the space is available for advertising. Alternatively, I may make this the Primary sponsor and for a higher price someone can sponsor the “site” and have their banner display here on the default all ranking.

If a category is chosen for the ranking page then the banner si the one associated with the sponsor. If the category is not sponsored then the default sponsor banner is displayed. Clicking on the default sponsor banner takes visitors to the advertising page. Clicking on a sponsors banner will take the visitor to the sponsors site via the same functionality as any other “out” hit on a banner.

I also set up the ability to have Dynamically served vote images based on the category. If I have created a custom button then button.php shows that otherwise it shows the default vote button.

Members clicking on the “join” link in the nav header will be taken to a custom page called rules of conduct. Only by clicking on the button, which accepts the rules, will a member be able to access the Join page.

Like I said check it all out let me know what you think. I will be working on polishing it up before I release it as any kind of mod.


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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby fms » 2007-12-27 10:03 am

my topsites is here..
please no XXX..

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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby bingohoney » 2008-01-26 05:38 pm

Here is Mine http://www.bingohoney.com/topsites please review and let me know what ya think
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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby Zidane007nl » 2008-01-29 08:32 am

I had to move my two topsites to iTopsites, due to high server usage.

Final Fantasy Topsites *not anymore*
South Park Top 50
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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby soul » 2008-03-09 06:39 pm

Just noticed my topsite list is included in the "featured topsites" page, thank you!

Final Fantasy Topsites
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Ram Sayeg.

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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby goodguy » 2008-03-17 05:41 am

Thank you


A two category site

proxies and top sites.

feel free to add yours.

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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby Basti » 2008-04-23 06:37 pm

new started Anime Topsites

---> http://www.anachrony.net/topsites/ :)
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Re: Everyone Post there Topsite Here:....

Postby Koby » 2008-05-02 03:34 pm

Most of my topsites grew too big for my host to support them, two of them had over 500+ members before I started actively removing sites who had removed the button. So I had to move them to iTopsites hosting, and they haven't been as popular there. But they could be if everyone of you joined them. xD


The ones below, I still need to make a new skin for, etc.. but they are doing okay. =P
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