I need a topsite developed - easy job!

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I need a topsite developed - easy job!

Postby cavhooah » 2008-11-04 02:04 pm

Hello forums,
I am looking for a developer to put together a very simple topsite for me. I am only looking for a few basic things:
I need the site designed
I need it installed and tested
I need some basic instructions for changing banner ads
Everything else I should be able to find in the forums or in the instructions. I tried setting one up and I guess it crashed or I messed up the site when I attempted to make a design change. I am still learning HTML, so PHP is another planet right now and I just do not have the time. If anyone is interested in this project, please email me for the details and let me know how long this would take to develop and what you would charge me. Thanks for your time!

Dan Carbone
PS- I am looking for a very basic design for a military site (specifically bestcavalrysites) with some basic colors similar to my original site cavhooah. Thanks!
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