Where to host a Topsite??

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Where to host a Topsite??

Postby Coolmaty » 2009-04-16 03:28 am

Hi there, my webhost kicked me/site out of their listing and deleted the membership and refunded my amount back :evil: .

Reason when i asked them:
"Your Site is using most of the Bandwidth that has been alocated to you, not only that but also using most of the CPU, the reason being your membership has been deleted /terminated from our host services, we regret to state this and we once again thank you for using our services till now, further more we would like to notice that, we will not entertain any such site like yours which creates problem like CPU usage at the max."

Thank You.

Yours Sincerly,
Smith Adams,
Tech Representative

Now I am using free host service from "X10 host" for hosting topsite and using .co.cc as a Registrar for the the temp Topsite :? .

Please Guide me futheron which Host provides Topsite hosting with them?? :?:

EN: Not to say i am yet using Itopsites, which is not worth doing good :roll:

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Re: Where to host a Topsite??

Postby Jeremy » 2009-05-01 08:01 pm

Elief is currently advertising on this site, so they must want customers that are using this script. OS Webhosting also is very friendly to this script. Also, if you enjoy customizing things, messing around on the command line, and running all kinds of different software, WebFaction is very nice and has features that you can't find anywhere else.
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