User Support For Aardvark 3.2.4 From Other Users

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User Support For Aardvark 3.2.4 From Other Users

Postby AardieN00bie » 2010-09-09 04:23 pm

From reading some of the older posts, I realize that the owner of Aardvark has absolutely no interest in supporting the older PERL version of Aardvark, and I am not expecting him to respond to this message. However, like some other people -- as few as they may be -- I am in a situation where I cannot use PHP on my server, and must therefore rely upon the PERL version of Aardvark.

Having said that, if there is anyone here -- meaning regular users, and not the owner -- who is still using Aardvark 3.2.4 -- and more specifically, using it on a Macintosh -- who is willing to lend me a hand, I would be most appreciative.

I do have Aardvark 3.2.4 up and running, and all paths are properly set -- I manually set them in the config.cgi, and then verified them in the admin section -- and I was even able to submit my site to the list, but there are a number of quirky things which I have not been able to resolve, such as the fact that whenever I hit the "Main Page" link to leave the admin area, all I get is a blank white page. It says something like "topsite.cgi?action=display" at the end of the URL, but it does nothing. I just get the blank white page.

I am not even sure how an outside user is supposed to access the script for the first time. I assumed they just go to topsite.cgi, but there again, when I do that across our LAN, all I get is a blank white page, and viewing the source for the page shows absolutely nothing on the page.

My server is not reporting any errors, and neither am I getting any errors in my browser window.

Finally, even though I copied and pasted the generated HTML code in my web page after submitting my site -- like a regular user would -- it is not showing up on the page for some reason. If I look at the source for the page, the code is indeed there, but it remains invisible.

I have been working on this for hours and hours and am extremely frustrated by this, so again, if anyone is willing to extend a hand, I would be very appreciative.

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Re: User Support For Aardvark 3.2.4 From Other Users

Postby AardieN00bie » 2010-09-09 05:10 pm

This is a follow-up on my previous message.

Let me begin by explaining my actual setup. May it will help someone here figure out why I am getting the blank white pages whenever I leave the admin area, and why the HTML code doesn't show up, even though I copied and pasted it into my home page.

In my server's global cgi-bin I have created a "topsites" folder, within which are all of the required files and folders; that is:

Data folder
Modules folder

In the public HTML section of my site, I have also created a folder called "topsites". Inside this folder are:

Rankings folder
Templates folder

The "index.html" file is the one that came with the installation.
I created the "Rankings" folder for the rank "index.html" files.
"Templates" contains all of the template HTML files, as well as the dozen or so default images, and the "default.css" file.

I know that the paths are right, because when I submitted my site, two "index.html files were created in the "Rankings" folder. One is called "index.html", and the other is called "index2.html".

I haven't edited any of the template files yet.

I also created a "topsites" folder inside the main "Images" folder for my site. Inside this "topsites" images folder are the 20 button images that I made, as well as the default site banner I made for when a user doesn't provide a URL for their banner.

Here is what my paths look like. Of course, that's not my real domain name. As far as I can tell, these paths are all right:

$AT::config{dir} = '/Applications/MyWebServer/cgi-bin/Topsites';
$AT::config{list_url} = '';
$tmpl::var{list_url} = $AT::config{list_url};
$AT::config{templates_dir} = '/Applications/MyWebServer/Defaultsite/Topsites/Templates';
$AT::config{templates_url} = '';
$tmpl::var{templates_url} = $AT::config{templates_url};
$AT::config{youremail} = '';

$AT::config{rankings_dir} = '/Applications/MyWebServer/Defaultsite/TopSites/Rankings';
$AT::config{rankings_url} = '';
$AT::config{rankings_filename} = 'index';
$AT::config{rankings_ext} = 'html';
$AT::config{numlist} = '10';
$AT::config{refresh} = '3600';
$AT::config{daymonth} = '0';
$AT::config{backlog} = '1';
$AT::config{defbanner} = '';
$AT::config{uniquetotal} = 'unq_pv';
$AT::config{top} = '2';
@AT::adbreak = ();

$AT::config{button_url} = '';

Thanks again for whoever who may have a heart to help. :)
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Re: User Support For Aardvark 3.2.4 From Other Users

Postby Jeremy » 2010-09-20 06:40 pm

It's exceedingly unlikely that anyone will be able to help you. AFAIK, there are literally 0 people still using that version. 7 years is a long time on the Internet.

Also, I cannot stress enough how much better the current version is relative to the Perl version.
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