Html out clicks that count on the list ?

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Html out clicks that count on the list ?

Postby blahblah2006 » 2010-08-04 03:41 am

I trying to do something a little different with the toplist.

I am trying to create more of a voting out site than a voting in, using models etc on an adult site. Basically a user would click on a model (instead of a site), the out click would be counted on the model and they would be taken to the models link.
I wanted to use html with links to the toplist so i could fancy it up and it would count the outclicks. I know that as an answer i could iframe the list into the html but it looks like crap!

I have very limited knowledge of php but i have so far been able to mod the absolute crap out of this toplist with the exception of this last hurdle.

I tried using /list directory/sources/out.php?&u=user
but it says
"you can not access this file directly"

I hope i make sense with what i said and i really hope someone can help me ??
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