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Problems With Tags Mod

Postby AardieN00bie » 2010-10-14 11:52 pm

I posted this on the OS Empire board, but thought I'd post it here as well, in case someone here may have some insight.

1. Even though I removed the comma after the closing anchor tag in the index.php file, the tags are still being printed to the screen with commas in the site entries on table_top_row.html...and I assume in table_row.html as well.

2. As a result of the above problem, the tags are not filling up each line in the entry completely, because there are long strings separated by commas, instead of by spaces.

Is there perhaps something else that I need to do in order to get rid of the commas in the member listings?

Or am I not supposed to separate the tags with commas in the account editor now, since I removed that comma form index.php anyway?

My understanding is that PHP is supposed to parse out the commas, or am I missing something?

Another question:

At the end of that string in index.php, is it supposed to be:

.$key.'</a> '; (notice the space)

or this:

.$key.'</a>'; (notice no space)

Hmmm...I just made another discovery. On the member's stats page, the tags have no commas -- which is what I want -- and they are also links. So why is it that on the main page, in the site entries, the tags have commas and are just plain text, and not links?

Also, I just added the "{$clouds} tag to the bottom of the main page, and the tags are displaying there correctly; that is, without the commas, and they are links, just like on the member's stats page. So again, what would cause the tags to display with commas in the actual site listings, and not be links?

Oh gosh...I just discovered another one. I added "<a href="{list_url}/index.php?a=tags" title="Tags">Tags</a> to wrapper.html, and when I click on the link, my server throws me this error:

"No input file specified."

What does that mean? I created the "tags.php" file and placed it at the top level of the "sources" folder, as per the tutorial's instructions.

Any ideas anyone?

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