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Check for reciprocal link

Postby peter76 » 2011-03-05 01:26 pm

Is their a mod that allows us to check for active reciprical links? It is rather difficult having to manually search each site and see if they have one pointed back at us. Thanks
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Re: Check for reciprocal link

Postby Basti » 2011-03-05 10:38 pm

there is none, would be to server requirement intense anyway to check that. Button.php is causing more then enough stress on the server.

Method 1: Most usable, nothing for you to check at all
Just enable delete inactive sites after x days.
Even setting it to 7 days, or 30 day. That feature pulls what u want. If a site owner cant even visit his site once in a month, or got no visitors in that time, its so certain that its a dead site or they dont have your button on.

Method 2: pretty much the same as 1, only manually. Same as your check before, but everything on one site
Additionally or only you can also use this little modification, it pulls you a list of inactive sites in your admin area. More server friendly and you can define in the code from how many inactive days you want the list to start off. ... hp?t=11143
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Re: Check for reciprocal link

Postby Jeremy » 2011-03-06 12:17 am

there is none, would be to server requirement intense anyway to check that.

It's true that there is no script written to do this now, but I don't think it would be a server resources issue. You could set it up to check just once a day.

A problem might be false negatives, in case the button isn't on the same URL that joined, or if the content is served via Javascript as is becoming common these days.
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