320 wide question

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320 wide question

Postby sugarplumplum » 2011-10-02 05:28 pm

I have been trying and playing around with fusion to make it 320 wide, suitable for handheld devices. However I have some probs with the stats tables (to be much smaller) and font sizes (I would prefer a -2 font size) and also the description font size of the member sites - (I would prefer a -1 font size). Any suggestions in detail?


been working on it more myself and made these adaptations ...
UPDATE: table_top_row.html

<div class="table_border">
<table cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" border="0">
<td class="table_top_title" colspan="4" width="100%"><a href="{$url}" onclick="out('{$username}');" target="_blank" class="table_top">{$title}</a> - <a href="{$list_url}/index.php?a=stats&amp;u={$username}" class="table_top">{$lng->table_stats}</a></td>
<td rowspan="3" class="table_top_rank" width="6%">{$rank}</td>
<td rowspan="3" class="table_description" width="50%">
<a href="{$url}" onclick="out('{$username}');" target="_blank"><img src="{$banner_url}" alt="{$title}" width="234" /></a><br />{$description}<br />
<b><font size=-2>{$lng->g_category}:</font></b> <a href="{$list_url}/index.php?cat={$category_url}"><font size=-2>{$category}</font></a><font size=-2> | </font><b><font size=-2>{$lng->table_movement}:</font></b> <img src="{$skins_url}/{$skin_name}/{$up_down}.png" alt="{$lng->up_down}" />
<td class="table_top_stats" width="12%"><b><font size=-2>{$lng->g_this_period}</font></b></td>
<td class="table_top_stats" width="12%"><font size=-2>{$this_period}</font></td>
<td class="table_top_stats" width="12%"><b><font size=-2>{$lng->g_average}</font></b></td>
<td class="table_top_stats" width="12%"><font size=-2>{$average}</font></td>
<td colspan="2" class="table_top_rating" width="12%"><img src="{$skins_url}/{$skin_name}/rate_{$average_rating}.png" width="17" height="18" alt="{$average_rating}/5" /></td>
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