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MapZone Skin

Postby KellyW » 2006-08-21 12:00 am

I have had this done for awhile but just made some final tweaks to it. The current version of this skin does not allow members to use images but I am creating a second version with image support. I will post again once its done in a few days.

Works with v5.0.x and v5.1.x

See it here:

Download it here:

It is based on Kobys Forgotten Memories Skin with a bunch of tweaks and changes. It has a pretty extensive readme file with good instructions on how everything works including the RSS feed scroller.

List of changes/additions:

1. Removed members ability to add banners.

2. Changed featured_member.html to Site introduction/infomation box. I left a backup of the featured member file in the skin directory in case you wanted to add it back in. (featured_member.html.bak)

3. Added a CSS2 navigation menu. You can edit the menu properties in default.css

4. Moved links around on the stats page for easier viewing.

5. Added an RSS feed for the News box. To change the news edit news.xml located in the skin directory. To edit the look of the News display box including sizes, scroll delay, text and colors look in the file vscroll_data.js.

6. Added meta tags to wrapper.html and a link to display a Live bookmark link for the RSS feed in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 Beta. You will have to add the keywords and desc for site in meta tags.

7. Skin is XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS valid.

8. All Javascripts required by the skin reside in the skins folder, no external files needed.

9. Added Site Rules box to join_form.html.

10. Up, down and neutral image links for ranks have been removed but are still in the directory if you want to re-add them.

11. Added BookMark us script that works in IE and displays text for Firefox.

If I forgot anything else I removed, the original files should still be in the skin directory so you can quickly add it back in including graphics. All original functions of Aardvark still work too if they are missing just add the tags back in. There is a pretty good readme.txt file that explains how to edit the news.xml and the style for the news box.

I put in a generic logo and background image you can change to fit your site, you will probably want to change the colors too but it is pretty easy and all in the CSS file. This skin has an extremely low load time as is.
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Postby rshaven » 2006-08-30 10:01 pm

I thought I might just make a quick suggestion. You migh tlike yo remove the universal meta description and keyword tags from the wrapper because that will most likely result in pages being inedexed as supplemental by Google - they had a big crack down on universal meta tags recently... just a suggestion.
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MapZone skin updated

Postby KellyW » 2006-10-22 09:34 pm

I have finally made a patch that will add the banner function back in.

Ok here is a quick patch up for this skin. This zip file has 3 files in it. 1 is table_top_row.html - Look at the code on line 19 where the banner images are defined. Find the code:


This was added by Koby I imagine to give banner sizing support to topsites that are run on servers that have older versions of PHP and/or dont support the PHP banner resizing that is provided in the admin area of AardvarkTopsites. If your PHP does support the resizing you can remove this sizing code or you can adjust your banner sizes here. It is currently set to 234x60.

The second file is join_form.html which I added the banner form field back in for sign-ups.

The 3rd file is vscroll_code.js which is just an updated source code file for the news box.

Just unzip the file and upload the 3 files to the MapZone skin directory and everything should work. The function of the banners was never removed just a few of the PHP tags and form fields which makes it possible.

Update file:
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Re: MapZone Skin

Postby livetv » 2009-12-18 04:00 am

file not found.does anybody have this skin
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Re: MapZone Skin

Postby Mokeli » 2010-08-31 11:47 pm

Do you have a Pic for it because the link is giving me a 404 error.
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