New Layout, New Demo

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New Layout, New Demo

Postby Jeremy » 2007-05-23 11:30 pm

Two bits of news here...

First, the website has a new layout. You won't see it here on the forums (yet), but doesn't the rest of the website look much cleaner? Let me know if it doesn't work in your browser (I tested Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, and IE6 on Linux and IE7 on Windows).

Also, the demo topsites list is now more of a demo. You can access the admin control panel and user control panel to play around with stuff, and it will reset every 10 minutes. Check it out.
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Postby Koby » 2007-05-24 01:13 am

Looking good, and I like the new demo.
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Postby deny » 2007-05-24 03:59 am

I would like just to say great job with design.It looks 100x better than before.
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Postby boardhopper » 2007-05-24 07:45 am

As always, looks good.
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Postby dobs » 2007-05-24 10:09 am

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Postby OS-Mark » 2007-05-25 06:49 am

it is very nice, best site in all US and A Image
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Postby 420 » 2007-06-02 05:53 am

please make some digit numbers for review also, Now the idiot spammer sending more than 10 review everydays in my topsites.

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Postby PPNSteve » 2007-06-02 04:56 pm

Very NICE.. i noticed it as i came on today.. Good Job as always Jeremy.
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Re: New Layout, New Demo

Postby visio » 2008-01-29 10:16 pm

How do you login to the demo admin area?

Re: New Layout, New Demo

Postby Jeremy » 2008-01-31 02:22 am

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Re: New Layout, New Demo

Postby kamranrocksit » 2008-03-14 08:03 pm

thanks Jeremy :)
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