Aardvark Topsites PHP - Official Mods

All of the mods on this page are released under the GPL.

These mods are features that a lot of people have requested. If you have any feedback (bug reports, feature requests, etc.), please post at the mods forum.

The Mods

Change Admin Password 1.0.2 - Download

This script lets you change the admin password.

In Anywhere 1.0 - Download

This mod lets you direct hits in from your topsites list members to an arbitrary page. That way, you can have the links point to your main website so it can get all the traffic and SEO that your topsites list would have gotten.

Multiple Pages as Text Links 1.0.1 - Download

Note: Pagination 2.0 is an updated version of this mod, which you might find more interesting.

This mod allows you to easily display text links to multiple pages as an alternative to the default drop-down menu.