Aardvark Topsites PHP 5.2 Manual

This manual is for Aardvark Topsites PHP 5.2.x. Manuals for other versions:
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You can display a compact version of your topsites list on any website. It can be included with PHP or SSI.

PHP (may only work in .php files):
<?php include 'topsites_path/ssi.php'; ?>

SSI (may only work in .shtml files):
<!--#include file="topsites_path/ssi.php" -->

By default, ssi.php will display the top 5 members. If you want a different number displayed, replace ssi.php with ssi.php?num=10.

If you would like to display the newest members of your topsites list instead of the most popular, use ssi.php?a=new. That will display the 5 newest members of your topsites list; to display a different number of members, use ssi.php?a=new&num=10.

To customize how it looks, edit ssi_top.html, ssi_top_row.html, ssi_new.html, and ssi_new_row.html.


feed.php generates an RSS feed of the top 10 sites in your topsites list. It is suitible to be included in an RSS reader.

The default skin (Fusion) includes code that makes web browsers aware of the feed's presence. In Firefox, this allows users to easily access the top 10 sites as a "Live Bookmark".

If a visitor is viewing a particular category, then they will be given a feed for only that category. This is accomplished by using the {$feed} tag in wrapper.html as the URL to the feed.