Aardvark Topsites PHP Manual

Written By Jeremy Scheff - http://www.aardvarkind.com/

Admin Overview

To get to the admin, just go to admin.php. You will be asked for the password you set during installation. If you forgot it, just download admin.cgi and look at it or change it. So just enter your password in the form and then you're in. The admin sets a temporary cookie. Basically, that means you won't have to enter your password again until you manually delete the cookie, click "Logout" in the admin, or exit your browser.

Everything in the admin is pretty self-explanitory, but I'll go over it all here so there is no confusion.

Approve New Members

There is an option in the settings that will not let members join until you manually approve them. If you turn on that option, then this is the page you go to to accept new members.

Delete Member

As it says, you can delete a member by entering their ID number.

Edit Member

This is pretty simple. It's pretty much the same form members see when they edit their info except that you, being the owner of the list and all, don't need to enter a password.

Email Members

This is currently just a list of all the email addresses of the members.

Find ID

This is just a thing put here so people don't ask me how to do it. It just tells you to use the normal search feature (index.php?a=search).


This deletes the cookie and therefore logs you out.


This is pretty self-explanitory. If you don't know the path to something, ask your host. For more information about the search settings, go to the Search page.

Version Check

This will just check back with Aardvark Industries to see if a new version of the script is available. You might as well check every now and again.