Aardvark Topsites PHP Manual

Written By Jeremy Scheff - http://www.aardvarkind.com/


If your list is giving you an error message or just doesn't work, look at Troubleshooting instead.

Q: How do I change the ranking method of my list?
A: Go to Settings in the admin area.

Q: Can I make the topsites list use the member's real URL so search engines will be able to spider it?
A: Just edit table.html and table_top.html. You have to replace <#url> with <#real_url>.

Q: I edited my templates and now when I go to my list it shows a bunch of weird stuff, like the script isn't reading the special tags. Why is that?
A: You must have edited the templates with a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage. Those programs don't recognize the special tags, so they change the < to &lt; and the > to &gt;. Change them back in a normal text editor and it should work.

Q: How can I display the member's banner in the ranking?
A: Put <img src="<#urlbanner>"> in table.html and table_top.html.

If your question is not answered here, go to the Support Forum and ask it there. If your question is asked a few times I'll probably add it here for to help other people who have the same problem.