Aardvark Topsites Aardvark Topsites 3.2.3 Manual
© 2000-2002 Aardvark Industries - License

Open config.cgi in a text editor like Notepad. Don't be scared, this is pretty easy.

You can mess with it if you want, but the only things you need to set are listed below.

$AT::config{password} - The password you want for the admin. If you don't change it, it's a huge security risk.
$AT::config{dir} - The full path to the directory you will upload topsites.cgi to. If you need to put your scripts in a directory named cgi-bin, then this directory must be in there. If you don't know what your full path is, ask your host.
$AT::config{templates_dir} - The full path to the directory you will upload the templates too. This must be outside of your cgi-bin.
$AT::config{rankings_dir} - The full path to the directory you want the HTML ranks to be created. This must be outside of your cgi-bin.

Hopefully that wasn't too difficult.

If you are on a Windows server, read the rest of this paragraph. If not, skip to the next one. Okay Windows people. Open topsites.cgi in a text editor. Change require "./config.cgi"; on line 30 to require "c:/whatever/your/full/path/is/config.cgi";. It should be whatever you set $AT::config{dir} to. Do the same to the path to the Modules directory on the next line.

Upload all the files included with this zip to the directories you specified above. The files going to your CGI directory must be in ASCII mode and all the images must be in Binary.

CHMOD 777 the directory you uploaded everything to.
CHMOD the Data directory 777 and CHMOD all the files in it 666.
CHMOD 777 the Members directory.
CHMOD 777 whatever you set $AT::config{rankings_dir} to.
CHMOD 666 index.html in $AT::config{rankings_dir}.
CHMOD 666 config.cgi
CHMOD 755 topsites.cgi
Don't know how to CHMOD? Your FTP program's help file is a good place to look for help.

Go to topsites.cgi?action=admin. Hopefully it worked. You should probably set the settings how you want them before anything else. If you have any trouble or any questions, read the rest of this manual.