Aardvark Topsites Aardvark Topsites 3.2.3 Manual
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If your list is giving you an error message or just doesn't work, look at Troubleshooting instead.

Q: How do I change the ranking method of my list?
A: Go to Settings in the admin area.

Q: I edited my templates and now when I go to my list it shows a bunch of weird stuff, like the script isn't reading the special tags. Why is that?
A: You must have edited the templates with a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage. Those programs don't recognize the special tags, so they change the < to &lt; and the > to &gt;. Change them back in a normal text editor and it should work.

Q: When I edit table.shtml (or tableheader.shtml or tablecloser.shtml), the changes don't happen. The other templates change when I edit them, why doesn't table.shtml (or tableheader.shtml or tablecloser.shtml) work?
A: Your list has to refresh for the changes from those templates to be made. It will happen evetually. Check your refresh time in the settings part of the admin.

Q: Why don't members show up on my list right away?
A: See above.

Q: How can I display the banners of the top 5 sites of my list in the rankings?
A: table_top.shtml is a special template used for the top X sites. Just set that up how you want and then set the appropriate number in the settings page of the admin.

If your question is not answered here, go to the Support Forum and ask it there. If your question is asked a few times I'll probably add it here for to help other people who have the same problem.