Aardvark Topsites Aardvark Topsites 3.2.3 Manual
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If you are getting an error message or the script just doesn't work at all, this is the place to be. If you just have a question about something, go to the FAQs.

This script uses a module to replace the normal 500 error with a helpful error message. So you shouldn't get a 500 error. If you do, make sure your path to Perl at the top of topsites.cgi is correct and you are running a recent version of Perl. If you still don't know what's wrong, check the server error log or execute the script in telnet and post the error message at the support forum.

If you get an error message that starts off with "Sendmail.pm: Can't locate Mail/Sendmail.pm in @INC," make sure you uploaded the files in the Modules directory to the correct place and in ASCII mode, not binary.

If you get an error message that starts off with "Simple.pm: Can't locate LWP/Simple.pm in @INC," then you do not have libwww-perl installed. Go to the member's center and download the LWP Patch. Further instructions are included.

If you get some kind of error about config.cgi, English.lng or any of the .cgi files in the Scripts directory, make sure you uploaded that file in ASCII mode to the right directory and make sure that you left 1; as the last line. If the problem persists, just try uploading the file that's giving you trouble again.

If you get a 403 error, make sure you CHMODed topsites.cgi 755.

If you are asked to download the script or are shown the source when you go to topsites.cgi, make sure your host lets you execute CGI scripts. If they do, try putting the script in your cgi-bin.

If your problem is not addressed here, go to the Support Forum and post there. If your question is asked a few times I'll probably add it here for to help other people who have the same problem.

If you'd rather not be in a public forum, login to the Member's Center and click on Support.